What is the cost of Clearomizer ?
At $39.99 you can secure your computer system and makes use of Clearomizer tool to secure and safeguard your computer system from all tech issues and worries. Crack a big deal at nominal amount now or never.

What is the difference between registered version and unregistered version?
The registered version is the version you purchase. Once you make the payment, a key will be delivered which will allow the Clearomizer to discharge its function effectively without any intrusions. The unregistered version is the downloaded 15 day’s trial’s version which will work effectively for half a month. After the time period lapse, it will ask for the key to further get the advantage of smooth tool, you can surely take the demo and get the registered version once satiated.

What are the various payment methods to order Clearomizer?
To get the tool right away you can swiftly make the payment with your cards. we accept online payments and bestow you with smart tool in exchange to get away with all technical problems in the computer system.

Are my personal details secured if order it online?
The personal information drawn is perfectly and prudently kept confidential. The track is just kept to update you timely of the latest products with the firm and is not subject to disclosure until legal matters make it obligatory. On firm’s end we assure entire safety of your private information.

What are the various Supported OS for Clearomizer?
Many OS support this tool, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows ME. Get the tool to enhance your OS and augments it performance manifold.

Will I get upgrades time to time?
Upgrades will be provided; you should hold the valid subscription to fetch it. the smart tool is the key to all complications and renders a smooth path to access the system.

How to reinstall Clearomizer?
Are there any conflicts between Clearomizer and other programs on my computer?
There are no such conflicts as such , you can install the clearomizer smoothly and it stands compatible to all programs in your computer system.

How to uninstall Clearomizer ?
It’s simple to do it, go to control panel, go to add/remove programs, and then click on remove Clearomizer
NOTE*- be sure that clearomizer is not running while you uninstall it.

How do I register my software?
If you have the details of the license, run the smart tool, Clearomizer, click on the full version link. Enter the keys and email id in the boxes, and click on the Unlock button.

I have lost my license key, where do I get my registration info?
When you purchase the tool, the information is sent to the mail. The mail address you registered at the time of purchase, the requisite information is sent to the same mail. For future reference keep the mail so that you are not really loss of information.

Do I need to register PC Optimizer Pro again if I reinstall windows?
Yes the procedure of installation has to be repeated in case you reinstall the windows. The same license key will be effect if you register on the same computer.

Do you have any help file for Clearomizer?
For sure you can get the access to the help file by clicking on help link. In case of requirement you can also print the pages by selecting the one you wish.

Compatible with Windows 7

Microsoft recommends “Compatible with Windows® 7″ products because they have passed Microsoft designed tests for compatibility and reliability with Windows 7.
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